Heroes, Mentors, and Advisers:

Top L-R: Miles Loyd (author of the seminal 1980 paper, "Crosswind Kite Power"), Cristina Archer ("Global Assessment of High Altitude Wind Power" (2009)), Alexander Bolonkin (Aerospace visionary, AWE IP developer), Dave Culp (KiteShip CEO and kPower board of advisers)


Middle L-R: Kay Buesing (World Kite Museum), Dave Lang (retired NASA engineer, Drachen Foundation, AWE IP developer), Mikio Toki (Kite Master)


Bottom L-R: Wubbo Ockels (Dutch Astronaut, T.U. Delft Areospace Engineer, Laddermill Project, Happy Energy), Alison Fujino (Drachen Foundation executive director)


Not Pictured: Craig Varrichio (kPower founder), Steve Smaha (kPower angel), Michael Breen (kPower co-founder), Haoyu Qian (kPower angel & WOWChina representative), Robert Hunt (physicist and inventor)

Technical and Support Team:

Clockwise from Top Left: Dave Santos (CTO), Joe Faust (EnergyKiteSystems), Rod Read (CC IP developer), Ed Sapir (Operations Manager), Abel Gonzales (NYFD Search and Rescue, Kite Test Pilot), Roy Mueller (Aerology Labs), Rae Bonn (Kite Master, Test Pilot), Jesse Allen (Mechanic), Dorothy Gerrel-Jolivet (Human Resources), Paolo Musumeci (WOW president), Chase Honaker (Videographer), Shawn Thomas (Kite Patent Holder)

Not Pictured: Michael Lin (New Tech Kites), David Gomberg (Gomberg Kites), John Oyebanji (president of AWEIA), Wayne German (visionary AWES designer), Christof Beaupoil (AWE researcher), Patrice Mallard (Media)

Above L-R: Kite Energy Community in Berlin (thanks to AWEC2013 for the photo), Jack (the future)