Dave Santos (left) is the CTO of KiteLab Group & technical manager of kPower. He is a founder of Austin's celebrated Robot Group. His aerospace robotics work includes the design/build & flight testing of many unique UAVs, including biomimetic blimps, tethered flying wings, and early tethered wind turbines in the 1980's (including several NASA robotics awards). His work has been featured on the Discovery Channel, Good Morning America, and in Newsweek. Dave worked at KiteShip in 2006. He is a founding member of AWEIA, a resident scholar at the World Kite Museum, and frequent contributer to open access knowledge sharing on the subject of kite energy. His research notebooks are published online by the Drachen Foundation.

Joe Faust (right) has a BA in pure mathematics. He is the founder of the 1960s group KITESA (Kite Information & Technology Exchange Society of America) which is the first and longest-running publisher of kite hang gliding. Joe is a founding member of KiteLab Los Angeles, a dedicated AWES developer and publisher of EnergyKiteSystems, the largest single source of kite energy information on the internet. Joe has three children and is a high jump Olympian.

Ed Sapir (left) is the operations manager at kPower, the treasurer of AWEIA (Airborne Wind Energy Industry Association), and co-founder of Util, a social design startup focused on creating useful products for a sustainable lifestyle. He is an avid maker, fabricator, sailor, kiter, biker, 

designer and father.

photo by AWEC2013

Rod Read (right) is the founder of the Kite Powered Co-op and Windswept & Interesting Ltd. He is a developer of kite energy IP under the creative commons license 3.0 with a keen interest in open hardware design and testing. He is particularly proficient at Rhinoceros 3-D modeling when not out flying kites with his sons on the very windy Isle of Lewis.

to be continued...