MOTHRA family of kite arches: Scale prototypes demonstrate dense arrays made of many "kixels" along rope load paths. Achieves enhanced safety and reliablity. 

"Testing these methods led KiteLab Group to an Airborne Latticework concept validated in numerous scale-prototype experiments. Dense-arrays mitigated cubic-mass scaling penalty, boosted stream-tube efficiency, & maximized energy extraction by volume, with reduced surface sprawl & integrated control....No critical barrier seems to prevent scale-up of kite energy..." 

MOTHRA videos (L-R): 1. Sand Launch.  2. Launch and Land Sequence.  3. Mini MOTHRA.  4. MOTHRA flying at WSIKF. 5. MOTHRA's maiden flight (July 28, 2012) 6. Mini MOTHRA hosts Jumbo KiteSat

(left) MONO MOTHRA first scale prototype: Single tarp with pilot nose flown as an arch.    

Mini MOTHRA 300 sq ft kite arch

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