Above: (L) Powerful 6M FlipWing sewn by 2 Kite Sam in Ilwaco, WA; flown under a Gomberg Lifter.

(R) Small scale prototype pulling on a spring scale at high frequency.


Photo at Right: Sputnik: World's first commercially available Ground Gen* AWES (sold out). FlipWing activates a small dynamo which powers a light and sound...


*Generator located on the ground.

Below: (L) FlipWing used for direct mechanical power; pulls on the lever of a hand grinder to grind coffee.


(R) Demonstrates how a FlipWing can be tuned for low frequency oscillations to achieve a very powerful stroke.


CC by 3.0

Below (L) prototype demonstrating precision control: chaotic kite winds watch... (R) Too hard to handle; 6 M FlipWing pulling at better than 25 lbs in moderate breeze.